Your Questions Answered

Who are Adrenalin Hub?

Adrenalin Hub are a limited company registered in England, we not only inspire people to try new and exciting things, but also, we’re here to provide unique and extraordinary gifts for loved ones. We pride ourselves on the ethos of unplugging and unwinding from the pressures of modern society. It’s now even more important to allocate time each week to a hobby away from your smartphone or computer.

How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you! Get in touch using our Contact Us page. Or alternatively we can be contacted by telephone, email or post using the details below, additionally contact can be made via online chat, you may also get in tough through our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/adrenalinhub - Adrenalin Hub Limited, Holloway Rocks, Lippiatt Lane, Shipham, BS25 1QX – 01934 842864 – support@adrenalinhub.com

Can I create a FREE listing?

Yes. Absolutely. Currently you can list an unlimited number of listings free for 6 months.

How can I add a listing??

Just click on ‘Add a Listing’ in the top right of the page, it should be obvious from there but please get in contact if you are having any issues

Can I add images and video to a free listing?

Yes you can, videos are added using YouTube or Vimeo URL

Are there any hidden charges?

Currently both listing experiences and viewing experience details on our website is completely Free.

Can I modify a submitted Listing?

Yes, you can modify a listing as many times as you need via the dashboard.

Can I have a Directory Listing removed?

Yes, you can remove your listing anytime either via the dashboard or by emailing us at support@adrenalinhub.com

Do you run competitions?

Yes, every now and then we do run competitions, our current live competitions are listed here https://win.adrenalinhub.com/competitions/ if you would like to view the competition specific FAQ’s please visit https://win.adrenalinhub.com/faq/

What happens in I am unable to locate a relevant category at the time of creating my listing?

Please select a category that is the closest and if possible, email us on support@adrenalinhub.com with details of the Category that you would like added.

My question is not answered?

Please email support@adrenalinhub.com or use the online chat to contact us.