About us

Adrenalin Hub not only inspires people to try new and exciting things, but also we’re here to provide unique and extraordinary gifts for loved ones.

We pride ourselves on the ethos of unplugging and unwinding from the pressures of modern society. It’s now even more important to allocate time each week to a hobby away from your smartphone or computer. Adrenalin Hub are here to help bring exciting new hobbies into the lives of your friends, loved ones or even yourself. Take the lead and remind them what it feels like to fly a kite in an open field or scoot down a leafy road on a skateboard. 

With an excellent customer service reputation and standards that sets ourselves apart from other providers, we are the future of gifting moments and memories that will stay with you forever.  

Drawing on our own extreme sporting and adrenalin fueled passions, Adrenalin Hub have hand crafted a selection of some of the best experiences our country has to offer. Whether you want to take to the skies for the dive of a life-time or go full throttle at one of our exclusive track days, each of our experiences will provide you with an unforgettable thrill to remember.